create.js for Drupal

Yesterday I added a Sandbox to which contains a module for including the create.js library. Create.js allows you to edit any RDFa annotated DOM Element and save your changes to the database. This enables Inline editing wherever you need it.

All that's needed is a properly annotated RDFa section using the about and property attributes. Thank god Drupal 7 does that out of the box! About is necessary to identify the node and for Drupal usually keeps a URL (like node/3 or content/title).

The CRUD operations on each node you edit interact with a RESTful Webservice, so for each change (or addition or deletion) a matching HTTP Request is sent to the REST Server. The services module provides all you need to enable this.

In the example feature shipped with the module I used "createjs" as a path for the webservice and "node" as path for the node resource. So any request to <mydomain>/createjs/node/3 will provide you with the json, xml or whatever data from that node. Make sure to check session-based authentication.

You can test the module at Best is you create an own article and try editing it in either the Teaser or Node View. By clicking edit you will see all editable areas highlighted. Be aware that permissions are not reflected in this highlighting. You may thus be able to edit a node but the PUT command will not succeed due to lacking permissions.

The module is still in an early stage, especially UX is a mess. You can find ToDo's in the issue queue over at the sandbox. Any feedback is welcome, here or over at




Hi, author of CreateJS here.

I'm very happy to see this effort happening! There has been some earlier Drupal integration work on the VIE level, but I think it really makes sense to do this properly with full CreateJS.

...which brings to mind a question: I noticed the toolbar CSS is missing from the sandbox. I think the top-floating bar is quite good option for staying out of the way but still being easily discoverable. Logos of course can be changed :-)

I haven't bothered much about the toolbar. It shall float top if needed, I thought about tighter integration with the existing drupal toolbar as well. Other options to consider would be double-clicking and clicking outside the editable area to edit and save. Thanks for the support on Github!

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