Posted on Mar 2, 2021

Digital, Health, and Entrepreneurship

I am a professor for digital health, business angel, and strategic advisor. I support digital health entrepreneurs in the Munich ecosystem (and beyond). Here you will find my thoughts on current issues in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, novel approaches in digital healthcare, and lots of discoveries I make on the way.

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  • Twitter: twitter.com/dominikb1888
  • LinkedIN: linkedin.com/in/dominikb1888

Digital Health

Digital Health transforms Channels, Value Chains, Products, and Financial Models in healthcare. Through real-world evidence new services emerge. Finding consensus on who owns data, algorithms, and who profits from services is key.

Start-up Ecosystems

Start-up Ecosystems need low boundaries and high trust. Connecting people (especially in Digital Health) and forming partnerships is key to fostering innovation.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Entrepreneurial Learning equips technical innovators with hands-on skills in the fields of personality, design, technology, and business development.

My growing list of teaching principles:

  • Place doesn’t matter. There’s no need to put more than 5 people into the same room at the same time so.
  • Build Empathy and Prototypes. If one person speaks for more than 20min and others listen it is not hands-on anymore.
  • Master anything. Learning and digital resources are abundant. You need to try and can learn anything as remote as it may seem.
  • It is real. Don’t waste time with simulation learning. Do something that matters and build commitment and get resonance.

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